Friday, August 6, 2010

The giant blue project - the carding

I had a bit more time to continue on the heap of blue yarn. After carding the alpaca, I carded 4 batts of merino roving, in different shades of blue and some greys. I have dyed some merino with textile colors which are usually intended for the washing machine a while ago, and it turned out to be perfect for this, because the blue was a bit shocking, but in combination with the darker shades it works quite well. After that I divided the alpaca and the merino batts in halfes and spun one half alpaca and one half merino batt in thin layers to another full batt and ended up with eight fluffy merino/alpaca batts:

Don't they look yummy? The total weight is around 550g, so it is really good that I started out with a bit more than half of the 500g in alpaca. I also started spinning it, here is a peek:

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