Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It was fun!

I really had a good time yesterday at the EPFL market, sharing a stand with filambulle, spoutknit and jissa! It was just over too soon, and they did not offer anything of that delicious soup they had the year before. Also the (free) mulled wine was finished very early, but I guess we all had enough to be even more merrier than we were already. And without bragging I would say we had the most interesting stand of all, selling yarn, knitted things, cute little ornaments and handmade toffees.

I parted with a Santa Clause yarn (in Europe, Santa is coming on December 6th, so it was perfect for that day), and one of my favourites, the Holly Berry. I liked it so much, that I just had to take a photo which I had not done before, and the new owner promised me a photo of the finished item. It consists of a mix of bluefaced leiceter wool, tussah silk and soy silk, all in off-white and creamy tones, which I had mixed with traces of green and red to match the holly fabric I included in the yarn. Some golden sparkle, red glass beads and green holly sequins are also spun-in. I might make another one, I liked it a lot!

In the next days I will add the things which have not been sold at the markets to the shop, so be prepared to find lots of new yarns and other nice items very soon.

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