Sunday, October 16, 2011

Giveaway: Pumpkin Soup

I thought it is time to liven things up a bit here just in time for the cold but cozy season with plenty of knitting. Well, I myself knit all year round, but anyways... we have a great giveaway! You can win this nice, bright, colorful and very soft yarn:

I named it Pumpkin Soup, because I was cooking pumpin soup the other day and I was thinking about how nice a yarn in these colors would be: orange of pumkins and carrots, yellow of potatoes and a bit of green. While my veggies were boiling I rushed down to the carder and came up with a well cooked batt of fine merino fiber. I spun it and plied it with a thin cotton thread in orange, and in the end it was 105 g and 113m.
One lucky winner will be the new owner of this beautiful yarn. If you want to participate, you just have to send us your favorite pumpkin recipe. We will evaluate them and choose the one we like best. It should be a full recipe you tried yourself (we would not appreciate it much if you just copy & paste something from the internet), or some really super secret or traditional or innovative thing you do to your pumpkins. Oh and it can be salty and also sweet (including baking).
Please send the recipe by email to info(at) (replacing the (at)). A ravelry message to cheshire-cat or impronerd is also fine. You have time to do so until October 22nd and we will then decide the days after who is the lucky winner.

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Anonymous said...

I have a lovely pumpkin recipe which is of Indian origin. we use it with rice as curry or gravy.
cook cubed pumpkins( skin peeled) in pressure cooker along with slat and pinch of turmeric and water ( very little )

mash the cooked pumpkin cubes well , once cool.

keep aside .

cook well a handful of red cow peas ( soaked overnight) in a pressure cooker. keep aside.

grind together very well ,grated coconut ( half cup), 1 tsp cumin seeds, 2-3 cloves of garlic, green chillies . mix it with red cow peas and mashed pumpkin.

In another pan , heat coconut oil, splutter mustard seeds, add thin sliced shallots( small onions) , fry till onions turn light brown , add curry leaves , pour it over the previous mix.

enjoy .

thats my version. now i dont have pictures of this
if you want to know more about this and tr a different version with some ingredients less, try this link

make it the way you like.

wishing that i win this lovely yarn , cos i really love yarns

roycedavids at gmail dot com

suburban prep said...

I have sent a recipe to the email address indicated on your posting.

CheshireCat said...

@ suburban prep:

we received that, thanks a lot! :)

G. K. Green said...

Your Pumpkin Soup yarn is beautiful, and I hope you like the recipe that I e-mailed you! If you do not receive it, then please let me know at ... Thanks for the giveaway!

Diana said...

I entered the giveaway by sending a recipe to the email address given. Thanks for the giveaway. The yarn looks beautiful!
goldiez at hotmail dot com

All Wired Up TOO said...

I love pumpkin soup! I make mine savory with basil and thyme! Question..are you going to sharee all the wonderful reciepes for Pumpkin on your blog?
Tis the season for pumpkin!

CheshireCat said...

I think we got all the mentioned recipes so far. Thanks a lot, guys, they are really awesome! It will be a hard time to pick one and there are even some more hours to go.

@all wired up too: I was considering to do that, but maybe someone does not want his/hers published, I could also imagine some copyright issues (you can never be too careful nowadays I am afraid), but I will think about that for a bit longer.

cguard (on ravelry) said...

It is really hard to pick just one as we love pumpkin here but I looked at the pumpkins in the basement and realized I need to send you the family favorite - want to make a 14 year old boy do chores, homework, pick up after himself just make this.

Anonymous said...

My mother makes pumpkin Buns which we call Pumpkin Bums it is so simple.

I am tasked with the job of kitchen hand or slave!

We start off with half a cup of Oil (I think its sunflower or vegetable), 1 tsp of vanilla essence and 2 eggs lightly whisked.

Into this mixture add 2/3 Cup of sugar, 2 Cups of Plain Flour, 2 tps of Baking Powder with any spices you like the time of year such as Ginger, Cinnamon, Mixed Spice and Nutmeg, I get excited and add about a tsp of each.

Last of all Fold in 2 cups of pre cooked mushed up pumpkin.

Spoon mixture into Bun or Muffin cases and bake in a medium temp oven for about 20 to 30 mins.

When cool take some wiggly worm sweets and insert into center so it looks like a worm is crawling out of the bun and give to favorite child.

rosebob on ravelry