Monday, March 15, 2010

New Name, New Fun

Geeeez, it is a while since we posted something here. Well, the excuse is, we both have been busy. Me with my PhD (preparing measurements and some appearances at conferences) and Tini with getting settled in London. I even missed presenting the Valentine's Day-inspired yarns I made. But I promise improvement and try not to let the time rush by so fast. I also see that we should free the blog from its wintery appeal since it is really getting spring now.

One thing I did was choosing a new nickname. I began to dislike "Teetante" more and more, and I also finally came up with a new name. Cheshire Cat. But then I just could not convince myself to make the change. And then I heard about the new "Alice in Wonderland" movie. And then I hesitated even more. But what the heck, the cheshire cat existed before, even before Lewis Carroll's books as far as I could see, and it will stay around even after the movie hype is over.
I already changed my twitter name and my ravelry account (now cheshire-cat), and I started working on the web page. But beeing buisy, it might take a little while to get rid of all the hidden remainders of the "Teetante". I excuse any upcomming confusion, but I just didn't want to be stuck with a nickname I really didn't like anymore.

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