Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Go and wear something green today! It is one of our most favourite festivals because we just love Ireland: St. Patrick's Day. In its honour I re-decorated our banner and spun this nice green yarn:

It is called "Wild Clover" and contains little shamrock leaves, glass beads, sequins and some handmade white clover flowers. It is available as from now on here in our etsy shop!

Also new in our shop today: "Green Grass". A two-ply from a bright and a dark thread, which is not as plain at the second glance, because we handcarded the batts from merino, wensleydale and some mulberry silk and linnen and the yarn shows a nice play of different shades of greens and different fiber types.

And these pretty items still would like to find a new home:

Green green green - handspun twoply yarn from silk and merino fiber, plant dyed with golden rod:

Spring wave - bright green and white merino yarn with golden angelina:

Thawing Snow - merino and mohair yarn with tiny green and clear seed beads

Snowmelt - two-ply of white and green, partly handdyed merino, spun with a silver thread to give it some sparkle:

And finally the Green Rainbow Shawl handknit from commercial mohair/acryllic yarn, now for a special price:

Now I will see if there is anything going on in an Irish Pub over here tonight.


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