Friday, April 16, 2010

Good to know!

This week I finally made it again to our weekly Stitch&Bitch in Geneva, where I met the fellow knitter who ended up with a bunch of my handmade stitch markers half a year ago. In principle they are the same as those:

These are the "deluxe" version with bead cups, featuring gorgeous faceted glass beads in different shades of violet. It was great to hear that she likes them a lot and none of them ever came apart or had wire sticking out. Apparently I did a good job and the design is quite robust :)
I am also thinking about making some sets for the shop, but I am a bit busy these days, so that it might take a while until I can set some up. But I am also open for work on demand, and I can do different colors as well. Just the bead cups are a bit hard to come by.

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