Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pink Ribbon

The Swiss League against Cancer has made a call for knitted squares to create a giant pink ribbon they want to place in Bern on a public square as a sign of solidarity against breast cancer. I didn't have any pink yarn as that is not one of my favourized colors, but I had some pink fiber from dyeing with cool aid and sandalwood/cochenille. Since I am in the mood of de-stashing, and it is also for a good cause, I spun the fiber together with some sparkly stuff to a yarn and knitted it to a square. I did not exactly meet the 30x30 cm requirements but it is quite close. The color is not exactly what I would call classic pink, because natural dyeing often gives the strangest colors, but it is intended to have a ribbon with different shades in the end and this will surely contribute to that :)

If you want to participate, you can send your square until June 21st 2010 to this adress:
Krebsliga Schweiz, «Gemeinsam gegen Brustkrebs», Effingerstrasse 40, 3008 Bern, SCHWEIZ.
You will also find more information on the project and the anti-cancer-league on their website.

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