Sunday, May 30, 2010

World Championship: Round 1

Tini came up with the brilliant idea to spin yarns for every team to participate in the upcoming soccer world cup. So we decided who will spin which yarn and started to spin and spin and spin, and here are my first nations:

This is Cameroon at the left with small yellow plastic stars, then France with beads, sequins and some pieces of striped ribbon, then Switzerland with Swiss flags and on the right there is Portugal with a car flag which I cut into stripes and spun in.
I still have to wind them, but they will show up in the shop in the next days. More to follow soon!

2 Kommentare:

Fibre Piratess said...

Super schon! Ich mag besonders Portugal, die Farben sind toll und die Idee mit den Fahnenstreifen auch :)

Mike said...

My goodness, how much yarn to you have to spin for all the teams?! But I'm excited to see them all.