Monday, May 10, 2010

World Cup Fever

Hello everyone,
as many of you might know, cheshire cat and I are from Germany. And thus we at least have to pretend to love soccer. Well at least I do when it comes to the World Cup. Which will begin in 6 weeks.

And I love flags and different countries (hell, I am living in one...). I am not kidding. When I was a kid I spent hours looking at different countries' flags in my dad's atlas. And I love when people dress up during the world cup in their nation's colours and jerseys. And so I decided to make my own World Cup celebration by spinning yarn for every single nation that is taking part. I will try at least. But 36 is quite a number, but then I love a challenge.

I you have any tips, what I could include in each nation's yarn, just comment please. I will be delighted to do my best to include all your wishes. And the we will scream and shout and drink a lot of beer. And cry and laugh and curse other nations and swear to hate them forever. And will drink with them even more bear afterwards and declare our endless love to them. Cause that's what it's about, isn't it? Fun and passion! (Yeah, and beer. Whom are we kidding? Really...)

So watch out for your nation! The first ones are already finished, so the party begins soon!

Wish you a fair and brilliant World Cup, Tini

3 Kommentare:

Fibre Piratess said...


Hast du dir schon überlegt, mit welchem land du anfangen willst? Nach Lust und Laune oder mit System?

Ich finde die Idee ziemlich cool, CC hatte ja mal so ein nettes Schweiz-Garn gesponnen, das mir in guter Erinnerung geblieben ist. Echt ein Thema mit Potential...

Liebe Grüße,

CheshireCat said...

Ja, das stimmt, wobei manches wirklich aehnlich ist (diese ganzen blau-weiss-rot lander..). Ich hab eine neue Schweiz gesponnen, Kamerun, Portugal, Frankreich und die Haelfte von Brasilien. Am naechsten Mittwoch kann ich endlich wieder weiterspinnen. Tini war auch fleissig aber ebenfalls gerade away.

Fibre Piratess said...

Und wann gibt es Bilder? :)
Ich bin echt gespannt.