Friday, December 25, 2009

The becoming - Part 2

We received back two more project photos.
The first is from Katharine, who bought the "Elinor Dashwood", a yarn which I liked a lot and planned to keep at first, but I could not find a good pattern to work with it for a while. It is made from brown alpaca, merino and baby camel fiber, violet merino and some white merino and silk and contains little seed beads, faceted bohemian glass beads, violet sequins and white faux pearls.
Katherine knitted it up into a lacy cowl which is a really cool project for the yarn, I like a lot how it turned out:

Tikalina made a crochet scarf from the "Polkadot" yarn, which is a cute yarn with fabric stripes. The scarf is really a neat idea and I adore it.

Thanks a lot, guys, for all the pretty photos and for sharing it!

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