Friday, December 25, 2009

I saw three gifts on Christmas day

Happy holidays everyone! Today is the day! The three winners for our holiday special are chosen.

We had 29 people to reply to the blog posting and who were in the running for the set of stitch markers. I wrote the chronological numbers on lots and the first good luck fairy (my dear boyfriend, so it was a very bearded fairy) drew #17 which is ESME.

Four people sent us back project photos and the winner is MARIE with her "Engel I Snoen" which is really cool and I'm particularly happy for her.

The Tartan&Kilt yarn will stay in Germany and will travel to the North to TIKALINA. She also sent back a photo of her adorable polka dot crochet scarf. There were six customers during the time span of our giveaway and my mother drew the lots.

Congratulations you three and thanks a lot everyone for participating, and even if you did not win we are very thankful to have you as our customers.

3 Kommentare:

Tika said...

Dear Tini and Teetante,

thank you so much for the gorgeous & super cute Tartan yarn which arrived today. I love it! What a start into a new knitting year - I am really so glad!

Yours Tikalina

Little Miss Norway said...

Dear Kerstin

Just to let you know that the beautiful Candle Light yarn arrived yesterday afternoon and it's beautiful!

Thank you so much for chosing me! Now I have to dream up something wonderous to make with this amazing yarn!

I'm so very glad I found your pretty yarns in Ravelry which helped me to realise the dream for the massive scarf I made!

I actually wore it on Christmas Day in Lech for the very first time, and it was snowing as I was walking down the road to the restaurant - so many people commented upon it whilst I was there, especially the cute little snowflakes you spun into it, which made it all the more fabulous!

Thank you once again and keep up the amazing work!


Teetante said...

I'm glad that fortune was on your side! Have fun with the yarn and if you ever wanted to share some pictures, you are welcome ;)