Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have yourself a very frosty photoshooting

For at least a year I had this idea - knit a very special hat from a handspun xmas tree art yarn. With glowing fairy lights and lots of sparkling stuff.
Well, I finally did it and it is for sale here in our shop. I had a skein left over from last year, mainly because of bad timing (why must this time of the year go away so quickly??? I could spend at least 4 more weeks with spinning xmassy yarns and also doing other stuff like shopping for the perfect presents and baking cookies).

The yarn is spun from extrafine merino in greens and white, and includes lots of sparkly things like beads, sequins, stars, garland and tinsel.

It turned out to be just perfect for the cause. It was just enough for the hat and the included garland is just placed on the right spot, the repeats of the different coolors right how I hoped they would turn out! The only problem is the tinsel - I was not so convinced about it in the first place and it doesn't stay in. But it could be removed completely or I could also come up with a way to include more.

Here is a close-up:

So one frosty afternoon I braced myself against the cold winter wind and went out into the snowy park to take some photos of it. Please excuse my weird look, being cold, watched by passers-by and trying to get some good shots before my finger freeze was a bit much to manage at the same time.

At least someone was so nice to put up a giant mirror wall in the park - as a part of the annual "Trees & Lights" Festival in Geneva

I also managed to include the chain of lights! It consists of tiny LEDs in red, green and yellow and is powered by two 1,5V AA batteries. It is just a short string and I put in in a spiral on the hat. And it GLOWS!

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