Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Semi-Finalists and Eliminatists

Right on time for today's semi-finals I present "Uruguay", which is a white-and-blue single thread yarn with golden multifaceted sequins and small golden sun confetti spun-in.
I also finally could finish "Southern Africa", a cheerful 2ply from black, red, white, green, yellow and blue extrafine merino fiber. Though they already left the game, it is only fair to honour the host who did a really good job.
And of course we had to spin at least one German yarn, this one is quite bulky, features a black, red and yellw section, plyed with a golden thread who holds little beads. It is already reserved, though. But we are quite sure that we will spin another one, especially if Germany wins the tournament as we hope. :)

For the Tour de Fleece I also spun a worldcuppy yarn yesterday: "Don't cry, Argentina". It looks suspiciously similar to Uruguay, but I used a shade of blue which is a bit more pale and I spun broader stripes, and plyed it in the end with a golden thread and another one who holds some golden suns.

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Fibre Piratess said...

I really like the golden suns :)