Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tour de Fleece - I won something!

Yes, I know, I am a bit behind in reporting about my spinning for the Tour de Fleece. I promise to write an update soon. But today, something really great happened. I was drawn as one of the two daily winners by the random number generator! Yippiee! Now I may choose one of the many prices which were donated by a bunch of real great fiber artists. In fact, I found several very good shops for gorgeous spinning fiber, so I thought I might do a little feature on my three favourites. I still have to decide, where I will get a price, but I also might do some fiber-shopping at the other ones.

First, there is wildhare fiber studio. Here you can not only get handpainted fibers of different quality and sheep breed and handcarded batts, but also a lot of other nice things like knit kits, wpi gauges, spinning equipment, some art yarn ingredients like angelina and firestar and handspun yarns. I like her "Irish Eyes" handpainted BFL wool top, and I totally fell in love with this superwash wool top "Autumn"

Then there is "Into the whirled" who sells mostly very nice handpainted tops from BFL, Falkland and Merino and she also donated one of her BFL batts in stunning colors and color combinations which make me just drool. I totally adore her gradient color batts, like this one:

And finally, I stumbled upon "Kelpie Fibers" who sells handdyed commercial yarns, mostly socks, and a big variety of dyed spinning fiber. She chooses very cool names for her color variegations, like "Shadowlord", "Oceanic Flight 815", "Alien Encounter" and I really like her "Oathbreaker" merino roving:

I could continue indulging in all the pretty handpainted fiber one can find out there, but I stop now and probably will have a swim in the lake before I am off to the open air cinema. I so much are in mood of doing some dyeing myself, and I hope I can find the time soon.

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