Monday, July 5, 2010

Tour de Fleece 2010 - Day 1

Two days ago, the Tour de France started. That does not neccessarily interest me much, if it was not also for the Tour de Fleece. I participated at this annual ravelry-wide spin-along event with big excitement last year and was really productive, you can find some pictures of last year on our facebook page. So I was looking forward to this year's to boost my spinning and help me un-stash a bit (to allow myself to go fiber-shopping afterwards of course).
The "Breakaway" is naturally my key skill and I am supporting Team Tardis and might do something fairy-tale relevant. We also have a wildcard team for our art yarn community (gooooo, Team Spinnkult!). But I don't inted to only spin art yarns, but also some unprocessed raw sheep wool and who knows what. I started with pure tussah silk, which I had dyed with onion skins a while ago. I really really love it! If it was more my color scheme, I totally would keep it. But I can't figure myself much with this bright golden/coppery yellow, so this beauty will go to the shop soon.

I also realized that silk is not the best thing to spin when you are sweaty because of a murderous heat wave (for me, that is everything above 30 degrees C), because all the fine fibers will stick to your skin. And it was quite a bunch of silk I spun, the yarn had more than 200 m in the end as a 2ply.
I might not be able to report every day's progress as it is also quite much work to spin, take pictures, upload them and link them and report about the tdf in ravelry, but I will show all the finished skeins I spun sooner or later. And I planned to make at least one skein per day.

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