Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Making Glass Beads

Last weekend was quite short because I took a one-day-course in making lampwork beads. Since there was no offered course in the close area, I had to go to Bern which thus meant getting up at quarter to 6. On a saturday. yay. We started out making simple round beads, then advanced to some different shapes like cubes, cylinder and flat beads.

After that went pretty well, we learned how to mix different colors and add little knobs and dots etc. There is really a lot you can do! Unfortunately some of my nicest beads broke at the end after taking them off the sticks or while cleaning. Obviously I should have let them cool off more smoothly. Anyways, here they are:

They don't look very exciting, but after some practice I think I could make some which are prettier. Also, I don't have the experience yet which colors go well with each other. Our teacher also had some mouth-watering examples from earlier classes and I am considering to continue and take an advanced course some time.

2 Kommentare:

Snowberry and Lime said...

Hat es dich auch erwischt? :D
Mir hat das Glasperlen machen damals ja auch viel Spass gemacht, aber die ganze Ausrüstung braucht leider schon viel Platz. Ich suche schon seit einer Weile nach jemandem bei dem man die Werkbank benutzen kann, ohne allzu grosse Anleitung...

Sind jedenfalls nett geworden, bin gespannt was es beim nächsten Mal geben wird!

CheshireCat said...

Ja, mich hats auch erwischt *lach*. Hat nur ein bisschen gedauert bis ich zur Tat geschritten bin. Ja, leider braucht man dafuer gewisses equipment, Gasflaschen etc. :(