Monday, February 7, 2011

Wake up and smell the coffe!

As I already reported, we will move soon to another apartment. I took this as a reason to go through my things and sort out what I don't need anymore, because I don't want to drag along all those things I never use from one place to the other.
I came across an old packet of coffee. I must say, I don't drink coffe because I just don't like it. I'm more the tea and hot chocolate type, and the only way I ever consume coffee is in coffee flavoured chocolate. This beforementioned packet of coffee is a leftover from my mum and I kept it because I planned to do some dyeing with it. Well, I never came around to do it, and now I thought why should I move coffee and undyed roving, when I also can just move dyed roving? And also, the process was not very difficult, as it seems as no mordant was needed. The only bad side effect was that the appartment was filled with smells of coffee and vinegar, and thats something neither me nor my boyfriend like much. Anyways, here is the result:

I used merino roving, which I put in at two different times and some tussah silk. I really like the colors, soft brown and beige, and the silk really looks amazing. I am just afraid that I can't spin it before we move, because there are two or three more yarns to finish before and I have so much other stuff to do. There are also two packs of black tea which emerged from the depths of the junk room...

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Fibre Piratess said...

Eine wirklich schöne Idee mit tollem Ergebnis! Tee klingt auch gut, vielleicht sollte ich das mal testen.
Was braucht man denn dann noch, um die Farbe haltbar zu machen? Nur Tee/Kaffee kochen und Fasern reinlegen wird nicht reichen, oder?


CheshireCat said...

ich hab Fasern in Wasser mit Essigessenz eingelegt, und waherenddessen den Kaffee gekocht (ca. 4 Liter wasser auf 300g Kaffee). Danach hab ich den Kaffeesatz rausgefiltert und die Wolle in der Bruehe gekoechelt fuer eine weile.
Angeblich recht der Essig, dass die Wolle die Farbe aufnimmt. Was ich bisher ueber die Teefaerbung gelesen habe, soll das da auch so sein.

Fibre Piratess said...

Danke für die Infos!

Snowberry and Lime said...

Die sehen so total schön aus! Und einfach nur mit Essig? Muss ich vielleicht auch mal testen, wobei als nächstes ist bei mir Tee angesagt - allerdings dachte ich das sei fast immer nur temporär, also nciht so recht waschbar.

CheshireCat said...

Tee bin ich auch gerade am Brauen :)
In Tee und Kaffee ist Tannin drin, das wirkt als Gerbstoff und man muss nicht beizen. Sagt jedenfalls das Internet.