Friday, June 25, 2010

A little bit of Brazil

I got so many ideas, but why can't the days have more hours - or why do I have to sleep so much? Next to spinning theres quite a lot going on. We have to move soon, and moving in this region, especially if you limit your future home to a couple of villages who have the right distance, location, price and connection to public transport is not an easy task. Of course there is my day time job. I spent yesterday's lunch break to pick cherries from the university's trees (with permission of course) and in the evening I went to a strawberry farm to collect some berries fresh from the patch which is actually the best thing to do. From tomorrow onthey will also offer raspberries and other good stuff. The next days I will be occupied with converting them to some jam and cake.

I have lots of fun with the soccer world cup, currently I am on the second place of the institute's prediction game. Germany is still in and will play against England on sunday! Today's match will decide if Switzerland will stay in the tournament. And the team is getting a lot of support in their home country:

I am busy with spinning more yarn, I finished Southern Africe. It is just a bit sad that the host country has already left the game. I got the right ingredients for Uruguay and Argentina and can spin Chile and USA. Soon more to come.
I also spun a small yarn of Brazil before I ran out of the yellow fiber (I got some more in the meantime). It has already found a new home: the little son of a knitting friend is a big fan of Brazil, and it is just enough to make a scarf in a good size for him.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ole, ole, ole, ole!

England. Slovenia. To be continued on Wednesday. My current home (England) and my friend's home country (Slovenia). You can imagine what's going on next week.

Anyway, here are my contributions to both teams. May they play well and fair!

See ya, Tini

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pink Ribbon

The Swiss League against Cancer has made a call for knitted squares to create a giant pink ribbon they want to place in Bern on a public square as a sign of solidarity against breast cancer. I didn't have any pink yarn as that is not one of my favourized colors, but I had some pink fiber from dyeing with cool aid and sandalwood/cochenille. Since I am in the mood of de-stashing, and it is also for a good cause, I spun the fiber together with some sparkly stuff to a yarn and knitted it to a square. I did not exactly meet the 30x30 cm requirements but it is quite close. The color is not exactly what I would call classic pink, because natural dyeing often gives the strangest colors, but it is intended to have a ribbon with different shades in the end and this will surely contribute to that :)

If you want to participate, you can send your square until June 21st 2010 to this adress:
Krebsliga Schweiz, «Gemeinsam gegen Brustkrebs», Effingerstrasse 40, 3008 Bern, SCHWEIZ.
You will also find more information on the project and the anti-cancer-league on their website.