Monday, January 10, 2011

And the winner is...

... drumroll...
... more drumroll...
... even more drumroll...
... just a bit more drumroll...

Dova113! She has faved our shop on etsy and was chosen by the very impartial random number generator. Congratulations!!!

But all you other folks, don't be sad, because you still will get %offs! You will be contacted individually in the next days and you will receive a personal code word and the amount of your %off. If you order something and communicate the password, we will refund you afterwards. Thanks a lot for joining in, it would be nice if you keep following us and we will surely give you another opportunity to win.

On the road again

Happy new year everyone from me as well! I have had another big change in my life.
I moved from London back to my mum's (yes, funny comments can be made later) and am applying now for jobs and stuff. Then I will move again (I hate moving and have been doing it 4 times in 18 months. I should work on my attitude...) and hopefully stay there for well let's say 12 months?
My time in London was splendid, brilliant, mind boggling, awesome and just plain wonderful! But it's finally time to grow up (a little) and start a decent job with decent payment and a future. I will keep you updated on that new year's resolution.

We have also received a very nice picture of a scarf made out of our "Snowflakes on ice"! Thank you very much, Saskia!. You can check out her wonderful blog (in German)with great projects here!

So long and take care!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


You might have noticed, that there was no announcement of a winner of the yarn give away yet. This is because we have been sooo busy in the last days and I have been far away from my pc and did not have the chance to look for all the people who are in the drawing. So we will just extend the deadline (after all, there is still a bit of holiday spirit around) until sunday, January 9th! So you still can gain lots of %s off and be the lucky winner of "Soft Glacier"!

I wish everyone a happy, peaceful, healthy, successful and prosperous new year!