Sunday, May 30, 2010

World Championship: Round 1

Tini came up with the brilliant idea to spin yarns for every team to participate in the upcoming soccer world cup. So we decided who will spin which yarn and started to spin and spin and spin, and here are my first nations:

This is Cameroon at the left with small yellow plastic stars, then France with beads, sequins and some pieces of striped ribbon, then Switzerland with Swiss flags and on the right there is Portugal with a car flag which I cut into stripes and spun in.
I still have to wind them, but they will show up in the shop in the next days. More to follow soon!

A small Gathering of Spinners

Yesterday, spinning people were again invited at Annelis' shop "Tricolaine". I really enjoyed our last meeting in September and I was happy that I also could come this time. So I took my poor not-so-mobile spinning wheel by tram to Carouge. Actually, I am also to be pitied, because my wheel is quite heavy. But luckily the walking distance was just short. This time, I got curious looks by several men who wanted to know if mon petit rouet was really working and came up with the usual sleeping beauty remarks.

In the end we were six spinners and several people who came and watched and even tried it themselves. And it was nice that we were a really mixed group of different age (Celine was spinning with her newborn baby bound around her chest), some kids came by and and also Greg showed up, though without his wheel.

I got a bag full of raw wool of the Swiss sheep breed "Roux de Valais" which is quite rough and coarse, but also really eco-friendly, natural and charming. And they look just cute!

I also finally got the hang of the long draw. I just didn't have to courage before of letting go, but in principle the yarn won't break if there is enough twist. I started spinning green fiber for new strawberry yarn which will be finished hopefully soon, so watch out!

It was a really nice day and I can't wait for the next time.

Monday, May 10, 2010

World Cup Fever

Hello everyone,
as many of you might know, cheshire cat and I are from Germany. And thus we at least have to pretend to love soccer. Well at least I do when it comes to the World Cup. Which will begin in 6 weeks.

And I love flags and different countries (hell, I am living in one...). I am not kidding. When I was a kid I spent hours looking at different countries' flags in my dad's atlas. And I love when people dress up during the world cup in their nation's colours and jerseys. And so I decided to make my own World Cup celebration by spinning yarn for every single nation that is taking part. I will try at least. But 36 is quite a number, but then I love a challenge.

I you have any tips, what I could include in each nation's yarn, just comment please. I will be delighted to do my best to include all your wishes. And the we will scream and shout and drink a lot of beer. And cry and laugh and curse other nations and swear to hate them forever. And will drink with them even more bear afterwards and declare our endless love to them. Cause that's what it's about, isn't it? Fun and passion! (Yeah, and beer. Whom are we kidding? Really...)

So watch out for your nation! The first ones are already finished, so the party begins soon!

Wish you a fair and brilliant World Cup, Tini