Saturday, March 10, 2012

Street Art Scarf

I've been busy. Getting to know my new flat, starting my new job, buying furniture, finding a rhythm. During this time I recognized that my bf did not have a decent scarf. And winter was coming along. So I made him one.

Since he is a dedicated mountain biker and thus always repairing (pardon me, "upgrading" ;-))his bike, I thought it would be fun to include some shiny metal parts that resemble shiny bike parts. While walking through the street I would pick up stuff, that was just left there. And the result is amazing!

I carded a mixture of white merino, brown Irish, and grey Shetland and spun an even yarn. I used the checkerboard scarf pattern and knitted in the metal parts. It is warm and cozy and he is oh so good looking with it :-). Check it out for yourself.