Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Things you should not do...

* go to work when it's a holiday in your home country, while the stupid country you live in does not think so
* slide on the stairs and partially break a vertebra
* try to stop your sliding with your foot, because you could break a toe
* stop breathing


I just came back from one week of hospital, a bit shorter than before and with back aches when I do the wrong movements. Thank you very much. I am afraid, it will take a while to heal. Knitting is fine, but I don't know about spinning yet, and carding probably won't be so good. I have some other things to do, though, like designing new business cards, writing some blog posts, especially that one on the pumpkin soup, sewing a baby quilt for my little niece-to-be and knitting Julekuler and of corse do some home office. *sigh*