Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy new healthy year!

We want to wish you all a happy new year! May you be healthy and happy! Unfortunately the new year will not start healthy for me. I am sick and must postpone the shop relaunch to the coming weekend :(. I am really sorry but it just won't work right now... Hope to see you all next weekend! Till then, have fun! Tini

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve: celebrating something new

I have now finally moved to my new flat. I had my last day at work on Thursday, took my motocycle and drove to my new and old hometown and am now happily lying on our couch. I am posting this today because yesterday was the first day in A LONG time where did not have to do anything. So I took a day off and decided to post the last part of our shop renewal today. Our last addition to our new shop will be a recycling upcycling eco part. Old stuff will shine in a new light i.e. bottle caps as ear rings or teddy bears out of outdated clothes. We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Knit, sew, crochet and be merry. Eat and drink (don't drink and drive!). Wear ugly Christmas sweaters. And have fun with your family and/or friends! So long and see you an New year's day for the relaunch!! Tini

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Third Advent: My bf is playing the Tetris game of his life

I finally moved all of my stuff into our new flat. But that turned out to be a little tricky: the rental company got us a smaller van than we had ordered (but we give you more free kilometers. That doesn't move my boxes...). So my bf started to play Tetris. And we could move everything. There wasn't space left for a single yarn but hey, I've got it all on one move :-). Let's talk about another new addition to our shop profile. Since Cheshire cat and I are vivid sowers (you might have already seen some of Cheshire Cat's work in the shop) we decided to sell some of our sown goodies. So watch out for some nice pillows, cute monsters or little lavender bags. Hope you enjoyed a nice Sunday! So long, Tini

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Second advent: boxes over boxes

The first part of moving is over. My bf moved into our new flat (soooo awesome) and we are now proud owners of A LOT of moving boxes. Part of my yarn has also found its place in our shelves. My drum carder and my spinning wheel will follow on Saturday. Drum carder is a good hint. Form January on you will not only be able to buy art yarn but also batts to make you own yarn. Those will not only be good for spinning but also for felting. And you can choose your style of spinning. Core spun, plied or just a simple single: it's up to you! I wish you a very nice second advent and enjoy some mulled wine and some cookies. See ya, Tini

Sunday, December 2, 2012

First Advent: let it snow (and something boring)

I live in a part of Germany that has the reputation of being the hottest, most humid place in this country. So as you can imagine snow is not that common. But this year right on time for first advent, we woke up to a winter wonderland :-). We are right in the middle of our moving preparations. I am moving back to my old hometown and in with my bf. I will start a new job in January. And we will present to you our shop in a slightly different way from January 1st on. So 2013 will bring a lot of new stuff. On every advent we will present you one of our shop categories (hint: there will be four ;-)). To make is more spectacular I will start with the most unspectacular one. There will still be wonderful handspun art yarn and the odd hand-knitted and -crocheted piece of unique goodies like mittens, shrugs and I will start freeform crochet. To be honest, don't know yet whether it will be presentable. But I hope you can look out for some monsters. Until now please make yourself some (soy-)cocoa and eat some Christmas cookies, enjoy watching snow and build some snowpeople. Till next week then (and there will be real news then ;-)), Tini