Sunday, December 16, 2012

Third Advent: My bf is playing the Tetris game of his life

I finally moved all of my stuff into our new flat. But that turned out to be a little tricky: the rental company got us a smaller van than we had ordered (but we give you more free kilometers. That doesn't move my boxes...). So my bf started to play Tetris. And we could move everything. There wasn't space left for a single yarn but hey, I've got it all on one move :-). Let's talk about another new addition to our shop profile. Since Cheshire cat and I are vivid sowers (you might have already seen some of Cheshire Cat's work in the shop) we decided to sell some of our sown goodies. So watch out for some nice pillows, cute monsters or little lavender bags. Hope you enjoyed a nice Sunday! So long, Tini

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