Sunday, April 25, 2010

Guerilla Knitting Retrospective

The Snowflake Graffiti was not the only one I made! It did stay up for around a month and got several admirers (the most excited one must have been the little son of a fellow knitter) before it disappeared. There was also this graffiti I named "White Lace" because, well, it was white lace from handspun merino singles. It also lived for several weeks, on the Mont Blanc bridge, Geneva's most important connection between the left and the right shore and I could see it every morning on my way to work.

Not so lucky was my most favourite piece until now, the knitted Tardis. I found the perfect place at the pavilion in the Jardin Anglais, but it was already gone 36 hours later. I still hope, a Doctor Who fan liked it that much and adopted it than that the city's cleaning service thought it was a disturbance in a touristy area. Well, maybe there will be another one sometime.

The same day I set up another graffiti, which was also gone some days after that. It is this nice flower square, coming from the same blanket pattern as the snowflake.

I really like the design, so I made several more, one I put up at easter on a lantern post next to my mother's home, three others will be swapped in our graffiti swap in the "Spinnkult Forum" to travel to distant places and another one I will just keep and put up somewhere in our appartment, then the risk of it disappearing is not so high (and if it did, I would know who took it ;)).

I also spread the idea to my knitting friends from the Stitch&Bitch and together we knitted up something to decorate the bridge next to our weekly meeting point. It was damn cold (there was a very icy wind blowing) and we were lucky when we could get back in. I learned that night, that sometimes it is better not to sew on things but rather use a quicker way for fastening something. I just saw that Annelis shot a photo of me in action.

It stayed up for around a week and I came back to make daylight photos. It was nice to have different types of things and that we could cover a quite big area. I hope we could do something like that again. Or maybe (but psssst, that's just still just a thought), it would be cool to combine guerilla knitting and geocaching, and invite just all interested guys to contribute to a giant and stadily growing yarn bomb, maybe in combination with a knitting inspired stash!)

What else to show you? I made labels for my graffiti, from cotton strips, showing a space invader from a hand made rubber stamp, which I will sew on:

All in all, I really like doing it, it is fast done and can be a good practice on different techniques, but it is a bit frustrating it the tings disappear so fast. And I would really like to know where they end up. But then again, maybe I don't want to know it. So I decided to do another kind of guerilla* at the moment and stick with the knitted things to our flat. Which surely also needs some modding ;)


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